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Sinful Maggie are a punk rock band hailing from Dorset, UK. They burst onto the music scene in 2015 with a unique twist – they wield an accordion.

With their fast and aggressive sound, they have been captivating Punk and Oi! fans and defying genre norms ever since. Formed in Dorset, the band's founding members, Charlie Draper (vocals/guitar), Russ Draper (vocals/bass), and Briony Ireland (vocals/accordion), were drawn together by their shared love for punk rock and a desire to infuse the genre with something unconventional. Don't be fooled by the accordion though, this is not a Folk Punk band, this is a Punk band with an accordion. Sinful Maggie's early shows in small venues and clubs quickly gained them a devoted following. The band's raw energy, fuelled by the distinctive sound of Briony's accordion and Russ's intricate bass riffs, created a winning combination on stage. In 2016, they released their debut self-titled album with drummer Ollie Beaton, featuring hard-hitting tracks like "Lost and Long Forgotten", "Nature of Man" and fan-favourite "Shitfaced”, which showcased their gritty yet melodic approach to punk rock. The album received praise from both punk enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre, bolstering their place in the UK's underground punk scene. With a reputation for tight, energetic live performances, Sinful Maggie took their dynamic act on the road, touring across the country and making appearances at notable festivals, including Boomtown Fair and Rebellion. They quickly gained recognition for their energetic stage presence, fostering a loyal fan-base that eagerly awaited their next release.

In 2022, with the addition of the ever hard-hitting Si Dew on drums, the band dropped their second full-length album, "Psychos & Sycophants." This offering captured the essence of their fast and aggressive music, weaving tales of those ignored, forgotten and discarded by society. With a growing catalogue of hard-hitting punk and an insatiable hunger to push the boundaries of their sound, Sinful Maggie continues to spread their energetic, socially conscious punk rock, winning over audiences wherever their fast and aggressive music takes them.

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