Red Light Skyscraper

Red Light Skyscraper
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Red Light Skyscraper are an instrumental post-rock band based in the verdant city of Siena (Italy).

The project originated in 2015 thanks to the meshup of sundry music visions, which is the key stone of a color led and explosive style.
Red Light Skyscraper express moods through the oldest form of communication: music.  Infact, their aim is to convey emotions and sensations through mostly instrumental compositions, through harmonic and melodic intertwining of sounds chosen with constant research. 

They have an album, Still the Echo (2017), and nine singles (2015-2021), the latest of which Eventide, released on July 16th, 2021. 

The band has built its live experience in many events, being headliner of the first italian postrock music festival (IPM Fest-2018) and through a UK Tour in 2019.

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