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Bite The Boxer is a musician and producer on the South Coast of the UK. Born out of a ‘love at first listen’ love affair with synthwave artists, Bite The Boxer (real name, Matt Park) started working on the BTB project in the spring of 2020. Although he considers synthwave to be his ‘home genre’ Bite The Boxer likes to keep his audience guessing what his next release will sound like, having covered synthwave, EBM (Battleship), ambient (A Tough Night), cyberpunk (The Pilot Sleeps Alone), trip-hop (Human Atmosphere) and dreampop (A Stream Becomes A River) all within a year, alongside hints of industrial, indie and post-punk. It is the latest EP (A Stream Becomes A River) which garnered the most attention, getting regional, national and international radio airplay and press.



The ’86 Sound (album) – September 2020
The Throw Down (single) – December 2020
Battleship (single) – February 2021
Half Awake in the Half Light (EP) – April 2021
Human Atmosphere (single) – May 2021
Down in the Park (Single – Gary Numan cover) – July 2021
A Stream Becomes A River (EP) - October 2021

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