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ASBO Magazine's February 2024 “one to watch”, Amity, is a 17-year-old multi-award-winning singer songwriter from London, whose “dark, defiant and dramatic” sound has earned him the backing of the Royal Albert Hall, who named him their 2023 "Future Maker", giving him his own solo show at the hall this autumn after he won their emerging talent search.


ASBO magazine writes that “the mainstream media has already fallen under Amity’s spell” - though only on the circuit for a year, Amity’s “stunning voice” (BBC Radio) and emotive performances have seen him scouted by multiple major TV shows internationally and reviewed in The Guardian as uniting “miraculous” vocals with the “dense surreal lyricism of Regina Spektor”. 

The “uncanny beauty” of Amity’s “exceptional songwriting” (ASBO Magazine) has scooped many national and international competition successes. Listed in the UK’s top 30 young songwriters by SAYS industry judges, HotVox has selected Amity - whose debut Green Note headline sold out in a matter of days - for their “Rising” emerging talent program. 

Awarded Best Singer 2023 at the RBE Musical Excellence Awards, his calling card of “profound, broody and rebellious” tracks (Durham Magazine) was described as Adele and Billie Eilish’s “love-child" with the “heart breaking power of Nina Simone” and “the vulnerability of Joni Mitchell” (ASBO Magazine). 


Dee Adam (Dido, Kaiser Chiefs, Newton Faulkner); Andrew Kingslow (John Legend); Agon Branza (Steinsdotter). 

The road less traveled

Confirmed autistic at 15, queer, and trans, Amity’s on a journey few can imagine. So he’s on a mission to shine a light on issues he believes remain hidden far too often, from mental health, bullying and abuse, to kindness, political greed and transgender issues. Amity’s empowering lyrics are imprinted by his drive for justice, healing and a passion for enriching lives, along the way documenting his own ongoing journey from darkness to light

Genre defying

Amity’s diverse music moves effortlessly across many genres, defying pigeon holing as Amity dips into jazz, leans into rock and funk with his band, slides through pop noir, tiptoes into shoegazer and lands back at the classic piano ballad, making Amity’s sets into musically textured journeys for his growing audience.Though his content can be hard hitting, ASBO magazine wrote of its redemptive quality, brought through in the defiance that simmers & erupts explosively in so many of his songs. While listeners may be moved to tears, especially when strings layer over the piano and offset Amity’s raw powerhouse vocal, his songs also help people feel seen & connect them to their own strength, while driving empathy from others. 

“The talent Amity exudes is immense. You’ll all know his name in a couple of years” Trina Smith, EPMG.

“Stunning voice” BBC RADIO Newcastle

“Rethink everything you know and love about music” David Lofts, guitarist with The Orb 

“There is gold here. Raw extraordinary talent waiting to be mined” RB Entertainment

“Truly a star in the making” Lyme Bay Radio

“Hotly tipped” NARC magazine

“What a pen! In my opinion, a Grammy is inevitable” Cafe Under The Spire

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